Obama tax plan hashtag hijacked by conservative think tank

 A hashtag released these days by Chief executive Obama to push his tax reduces strategy was quickly appropriated by a traditional think container.

In the face of the nearing "fiscal high ledge," Obama began advertising the hashtag #My2K on Twitter posts these days as a way of motivating conversation about his strategy to protect tax reduces for the middle-class while letting end those tax reduces on People in america houses earning more than $250,000. The hashtag shows the extra $2,000 the average middle-class family of four could expect to pay if the tax reduces are allowed to end.

The president used the hashtag in a twitter these days motivating his some 20 million supporters to contact their congressional representatives:  The presidents's Twitter posts supporters took note and soon pressed #My2K to the top of Twitter's popular list.

However, the hashtag also caught the notice of the significant traditional think container Culture Base, which acquired the marketed twitter for the term. The purchase meant that everyone who explored for the hashtag on Twitter posts would also see the company's ad advertising a writing named "4 reasons why Warren Buffett is wrong on tax hikes!"  Ericka Andersen, social networking home for the Culture Base, told The Wall Road Publication that the think container purchased the marketed twitter these days ahead of an Obama dialogue on the topic after catching wind that obama was going to use the hashtag.

Political use of marketed tweets has obtained acceptance recently. After a conversation with Obama in which Republican competition Glove Mitt romney recommended Big Fowl on "Sesame Road," PBS purchased a marketed twitter that read, "PBS is reliable, appreciated and essential.

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