Analyst cryptically notes that iPad Mini gen-2 is 'pulled in'

Chipmakers are planning for the second-generation iPad Small and New samsung is on monitor for a cellphone with a flexible show and possibly an beginning release of the Universe S4, according to a research observe from RBC Investment Marketplaces.

RBC Investment Marketplaces specialist Doug Freedman -- who is in Chinese suppliers viewing processor companies this week -- provided this uncertain The apple company note: "iPad Small Gen-2: Apple's gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new providers, with TXN getting content."

"Pulled in" would seem to suggest that The apple company is going up release of the next iPad Small. That would be beneficial if we realized when the gen 2 Small was actually scheduled to deliver in the first place. As the present iPad Small is still scarce, we may be getting a little before ourselves.

TXN represents Florida Equipment, which has provided elements to iPads in the past, such as relatively unknown rubber like touchscreen display line motorists.
What may be more exciting is his opinion about Samsung's upcoming shows and upcoming mobile phones.

"Samsung device road-map: New samsung show will be ready to deliver strong nasty substrate display by 2q end, with flexible in 2h13," he had written, discussing the second one fourth and second half of 2013, respectively.

Samsung mentioned cellphone with flexible displays as lately as last month.
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