Apple denies Samsung's claim that it withheld juror info

 New samsung is trying to increase concerns about a $1 billion dollars court judgment that discovered the organization breached Apple's patents, but some of Samsung's new statements are in argument.

Samsung statements that the court choice in Aug, which discovered New samsung had infringed Apple's patents relating to the iPhone and iPad, was discolored partially because Velvin Hogan, the foreman, taken out details about a court action he was engaged in with Seagate, one of Samsung's associates.  New samsung, which also recommended Apple organization realized about Hogan's problem with Seagate and taken out the details, required that Apple organization reveal what it realized. On Saturday, Apple organization made its disclosure and said it had no information of the lawful cases in query. Ars Technica was first to review the disclosure.

Writing to U.S. Region Assess Hannah Koh, Apple organization said: "Apple has not determined any Apple organization lawyer or other participant of the Apple organization lawful cases groups was conscious that Mr. Hogan had been a celebration to lawful cases including Seagate until after the summary of test, when New samsung brought up the issue in connection with its post-trial activities."

Apple didn't quit there. The organization's attorneys took to be able to celebration the concept that Hogan's court action with Seagate was appropriate.  "Apple does not accuse juror Velvin Hogan of wrong doings -- because there was none -- so what Apple organization realized and when regarding Mr. Hogan's court action with Seagate nearly two years ago is unrelated to any problem brought up by Samsung's post-trial activities. Apple organization does not deal that any previous connection between Mr. Hogan and Seagate, or any court action between them, is anything slightly near to back up a task for cause."

Koh has planned a listening to for Saturday to deal with several problems and said she will also "consider the questions" of whether Hogan disguised details during the court procedure and whether there was any wrong doings.

Legal experts don't anticipate much to come from this. Legal courts don't benefit enabling attorneys to look into juror bedrooms in anything but the most egregious circumstances.

"I think it's going to be a little tough" to turned around the judgment because of accusations of court wrong doings, Mark Really like, a law lecturer at Santa Clara School who's followed the test carefully, informed CNET in Sept. "You're looking for content or something else arriving in that wasn't presented at test, a juror studying reviews about the situation and they're being affected by outside causes."

During the court procedure, Koh requested the prospective jurors if they had ever been engaged in lawful cases before. Hogan reacted that he had and mentioned a situation he was engaged in with a former associate. He did not discuss the Seagate situation.
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