Apple pursues iPad Mini with better display, say 'sources'

The iPad Small has been an exemption to Apple's Retina attraction. But clean rumors from Asia-based market resources indicates The apple company wants to fix this.

An future edition of the iPad Small will "focus on improving the...display quality," according to a review at Taipei-based Digitimes. The review mentioned "backlighting industry" resources.

That's as far as the rumors goes, however. No released specifications or gossips about show creators ramping up development of new shows.

That said, it jibes with what show experts have been saying over the last few several weeks and past gossips that stated show manufacturer AUO is operating on a 2,048x1,536 pixel quality show for the next iPad Small.
"I think that's extremely likely for the development of that item," Vinita Jakhanwal, a show specialist IHS iSuppli, informed CNET last 30 days. "And also the point that they have a whole environment of applications that have been designed for the [Retina] iPad 3 and iPad 4."

Whether it's easy for The apple company and its show associates to engage in this, is the query. For example, if The apple company did a Retina edition of the Small it would be roughly 300 p per inches. That's really hard to produce and hasn't been done yet for the 7.9-inch category show that The apple company uses.

That said, Amazon has come near. The bigger Amazon Amazon kindle Flame HD has an 8.9-inch show offering 254 p per inches. By Apple's own meaning of pixel solidity, that's Retina quality.
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