CNET News Microsoft The Microsoft-Motorola patent license gulf: $100M a year The Microsoft-Motorola patent license gulf: $100M a year

Ms and Samsung aren't even near to accepting on how much the application massive should pay for the right to use patents organised by its Google-owned competing.

In judge filings launched last night and acquired by Reuters, Ms indicated that it would be willing to pay as much as $502,000 per season to certificate Motorola's H.264 movie patents. The company would also pay as much as $736,000 for Motorola's 802.11 wi-fi technological innovation.

Motorola, meanwhile, demands that a easy fee isn't enough -- it wants Ms to pay a amount of its earnings resulting from the purportedly infringing items. Samsung wants a 2.25 % royals on H.264 technological innovation, which would generate somewhere between $100 thousand and $125 thousand per season in charges. In the same way, Talkabout wants a royals transaction of 1.15 % to 1.73 % for its Wi-Fi patents, possibly making it ten thousand money more each season.
Microsoft, meanwhile, claims that Moto's H.264 and Wi-Fi patents should be provided at a "fair rate" because they are standard-essential ip. To be able for organizations to certificate standard-essential patents, they must ask for charges that are regarded affordable, affordable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND).

Microsoft has long suggested that Motorola's 2.25 % royals ask for is unjust. In a writing in Feb, Ms v. p. and deputy common advice Lady Heiner said that Samsung wants $22.50 in royalties for each Windows-based laptop marketed on the start industry. Those notebooks, he said, depend on 50 H.264 patents from Samsung. However, to be able to get H.264 onto notebooks, Ms needs to certificate over 2,300 patents from 29 other organizations that also own some ip relevant to the technological innovation. Completely, those organizations cost "2 pennies for use of more than 2,300 patents."

Motorola has also billed that the Console goes against its patents.

Motorola and Ms last 30 days went to test over certain royalties. The judge is predicted to provide any judgment on how much Ms will have to pay next season. The same judge attempt to have Ms and Samsung fix the royals problem out of judge, but the organizations couldn't come to an contract.
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