Google in 2013: Five things to watch for

With just a few times remaining this year -- and a battling opportunity we will prevent the Mayan apocalypse -- it's a opportunity to begin predicting what is waiting for us in 2013. Search engines had a big 2012, moving out ratings of new items while creating plenty of improvements to its old ones. In 2013, it will keep deal with competitors on every side -- and here are five factors to keep an eye on as the New Season security up.
1. What's next for Nexus? This season Search engines presented its Nexus pills to usually powerful opinions, along with a Nexus 4 smart phone that revealed a high-end smart phone can be marketed, revealed, for a very aggressive cost. But while The apple company declares an incredible variety of iPhones and iPads marketed, we don't have a obvious feeling of how many Nexus gadgets are promoting. Shortages of Nexus pills have been revealed, and the Nexus 4 has been challenging to keep in inventory. And yet missing a big advertising strategy or popular hype, the Nexus gadgets are still at chance of looking like also-rans in a cellular globe covered with The apple company and New samsung.

Google I/O is coming back to the 1 month of May this year, and I wouldn't be amazed to see the next edition of the Nexus 7 revealed around that period. (The unique released at I/O this year.) The Nexus 10 is only a few several weeks old, but we would also anticipate a rejuvenated edition of the product sometime in 2013. As for the Nexus smart phone -- it would be awesome to see it able to accessibility LTE systems. But getting U.S. providers to select it up will likely be a task.

2. Will designers go Android-first? It was in Dec 2011 that Google professional chair expected most designers would soon select to create for Android operating system first. More than annually later, there's little proof that's the situation. Whether because of Android operating system users' popularity for being more complicated to profit, or issues about creating for the fragmented environment, or other intangibles, big venture-backed start-ups often release first with an iOS app. There are symptoms that this is beginning to modify. By some actions The apple company and Google app shops are now approximately linked in the variety of applications available on their systems. But will Android operating system become the elite foundation for app development? It's something we'll be viewing carefully in 2013.
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