LG said to be switching to its own smartphone chip designs

 Becoming a member of the battle to control as much of the process as possible, LG has purportedly started developing its own processer treats.

The The southern part of Japoneses devices producer plans to expose in-house designed cellular processer treats at the Customer Gadgets Show next month, according to the The southern part of the philipines Times. The company purportedly has more than 900 processer designers working on treats to be used in cell mobile phones and Web-connected tvs.
 LG is changing as part of Primary Professional Koo Bon-joon's focus on enhanced "independence and pleasure," the document exposed. CNET has contacted LG for viewpoint and will update this evaluation when we learn more.

Lacking chipmaking features of its own, LG will town out growth to Taiwan Semiconductor Production Co., where the treats will be created on its impressive 28-nanometer growth process. LG has purportedly completed growth of a processer code-named H13, which is suitable for use in Web-based TVs from the company's entertainment division.

With the technique move, LG joins companies smartphone market management Apple and New new samsung, which have been developing their own processer treats instead of buying them from processer suppliers.
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