Suppliers hint at changes to MacBook Air -- Digitimes

One of the first rumors of MacBook Air season refers to internal changes, but a few tweaks outside.

A new report from the not-always-reliable Taipei-based Digitimes claims that the "industrial design will not see major changes" in 2013.

Apple introduced the aesthetic accented corner at the end of 2010 (see photo above), about a year and a half have transpired if new MBA are introduced in the first half of 2013.

The report makes no mention of the display, but this is an area of intense interest for Apple. The high end of the range MacBook Pro now features Retina display with edge-to-edge glass over the broad metal flange on Airs non Retina.
And there has been little, if any, the chatter in the supply chain in Asia so far on the retina equipped MBA.

But one thing is certain - a new platform chip that says Digitimes. Intel will introduce the Core fourth generation "Haswell" processor at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. This processor should make its way into new MacBook mid-year.

Haswell is about better power efficiency. Thus, Apple could realistically squeeze Haswell in the design or even slightly thinner with greater autonomy. Haswell is also planned to include a graphics processing unit (GPU) that offers greater performance jump over previous generations of Core processors.
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