Wikipedia's most-viewed articles in 2012 were...

 New statistics collected by Remedial application professional Johan Gunnarsson details the top 100 most-viewed content on Wikipedia over the last season. The on the internet encyclopedia doesn't make its own year-end record but does let individuals study its log information, according to AllThingsD. This top 100 record collected by Gunnarsson, which comes in several dialects, is initially customers can see Wikipedia's most well-known content over the course of a season.

For the British terminology Wikipedia, which is the most well-known edition of the website, "Facebook" won as the most considered content, with more than 32.5 thousand trips. "Wiki" came in second, with more than 29.5 opinions, and "Deaths in 2012" was third, with almost 25.5 opinions.
According to AllThingsD, Gunnarsson gives a number of details for why Facebook or myspace is No. 1. First is that individuals may be enthusiastic about well-known Web qualities, and second, customers kind in Facebook or myspace and incorrectly go to Wikipedia instead of the social-networking website.

Among the other top 10 most considered webpages were those for the boy group One Route and for activity films, such as "The Avengers," "The Black Soldier Increases," and "The Craving for food Activities."

Looking more generally -- in the top 100 -- individuals were enthusiastic about a variety of different subjects, from sex to Globe War II to Bob Tasks. There are certain styles with popular lifestyle symbols, like Bieber Bieber and Beyonce, and films and TV reveals, like "The Awesome Spiderman" and "Game of Thrones." A few oddballs consist of the phrase "elocution," the term "2012 trend," and a web page about individual male organ dimension.
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