Anonymous launches attack on Mexico Department of Defense

Anonymous has set its sights on the Mexican Ministry of Defense.

Legion Mexican group claimed responsibility for conducting a distributed-denial-of-service on the government website, making it unusable for several hours yesterday, according to the Associated Press.

During the attack, the group issued a statement on the media section of the government website. The statement said a "bad government" was running the country.

"Our struggle is for life, and our bad government proposes death as the future," the statement read, according to Spanish language Adictos Tech News website. "Our struggle is for peace, our government announced the wrong war and destruction."

The central complaint "Anonymous Mexico" is abuse of the army of the poor and indigenous peoples who live in the state of Chiapas. The group says it is aligned with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, which declared war on the Mexican government nearly 20 years ago. According to Infosecurity magazine, the group also posted a video on the website of the Ministry of Defence showed police using force against protesters during anti-government protests in December.Mexico 's Department of Defense announced yesterday that it was "temporarily out of service," according to the Associated Press. He also stated that no information from its internal computer networks has been affected.

Anonymous has become increasingly political in this website, it selects for its DDoS targets. During the past year, he has claimed responsibility for attacks against the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice in an effort to defend WikiLeaks. He also led campaigns against DDoS Syrian government websites to stop alleged Government the Internet, and he led a "cyberwar" against the Israeli government to protest against the government's involvement in the Gaza Strip .

Earlier this month, the group warned that it had no intention of slowing down. "Wait for us in 2013," he announced. "We're still here."
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