BlackBerry users Vodafone bear down

Some BlackBerry customers on the Vodafone network in the UK have experienced failure, the second such disruption in four months.Research In Motion BlackBerry service is experiencing problems in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Vodafone confirmed , with many unable to access data services on their devices.

Some BlackBerry customers are not able to receive their e-mails or instant messaging. According to Reuters, Vodafone working "closely" with RIM to restore service as quickly as possible.

The problem comes only a few weeks before the long-awaited launch of BlackBerry 10, which the author smartphones Canada will make the platform next-generation smartphones on a variety of networks.

It is not clear on the geographic extent of the problem, but it is believed that a number of European countries are affected, including the United Kingdom and some African countries.

This is not the first time RIM has suffered a failure on Vodafone - Vodafone use many because of its pan-European coverage, one of the very few networks based in the UK to offer such services. In September 2012, RIM BlackBerry services restored on the Vodafone network, after a brief interruption leads to data services on the devices being rendered useless.

About 6 percent of BlackBerry users in the region have been affected, and unable to send or receive messages from their devices. However, it was not clear what the problems were, or if the problems were his fault or Vodafone.

We put in RIM issues in the UK but have not heard back at the time of writing.
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