Car service Uber is fighting to stay in Colorado

Uber moves to another obstacle city officials, and this time in Denver, Colorado

State Public Utilities Commission proposes amendments to the rules governing the transportation of motor vehicles, which could essentially stop UberDenver down.

Commissioning of Transport announced today that it will fight to retain his service in the state. Uber created a petition for Colorado residents to sign for Uber. The company is also urging residents to e-mail the State Governor, John Hickenlooper, and the President and Director of the Public Service Commission.

"Since our launch five months ago, Uber has made great strides in creating another means of transportation convenient, efficient and elegant in Denver," Chief UberDenver will McCollum said in a blog post. " technology platform Uber improved transportation options for thousands of Denverites and has contributed to the growth of small businesses to hundreds of our partners in the pilot. "

The proposed amendments to the rules of transportation vehicles include sedan ban companies charge by the distance, getting within 200 feet of a restaurant, bar, or hotel, and partnerships with local businesses sedan.

Since business model is based on Uber private transportation to customers through smartphone applications, one of these rule revisions potential may terminate a service society Colorado. "These rules are not designed to promote safety or to improve the quality of service," McCollum wrote. "They aim to prevent innovation, protect policyholders, injured drivers independent and Uber stop in Denver."

However, Denver is not the only city that has had problems with the transport service. Uber also faces regulatory challenges from Chicago, Washington DC, New York and San Francisco. In November, a class action was filed against Uber San Francisco Superior Court claiming unfair trade practices. The suit claims Uber evaded all regulations that normally govern taxi companies.

Some of these cities have finally decided, however, to allow Uber continue to perform its service. The company has won a victory last month when the Washington DC City Council unanimously approved a legislative framework for shipping services "digital" transport. And regulators in New York recently approved a one-year pilot that allows New Yorkers to hail cabs nearby streets using apps like Uber.
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