eBay launches selling helpers as way to lure new customers

As eBay faces increased competition from the growing number of online retailers must keep reinventing itself. The most recent effort to the auction house online and offline means coming to help people sell their products in person.

eBay has recently launched three new pilot programs that involve business representatives who work with buyers and sellers to find the best way to buy or dispose of goods, according to All Things D.

"People earn their living on eBay and that feels good, but to be the queen of the ball, we must intensify. We can not be complacent, "the president of eBay global market Devin Wenig said D. All activities "We must go faster and innovate more rapidly. '

One of the pilot programs designed to help people sell items on eBay, which normally would not. The company sends "assistants" who sell to people's homes to pick up the product and deliver an expert in sales. This expert will then work to sell on eBay and in return receives 25 per cent of the product. In a similar pilot project, people can deposit used clothing and small electronics in a mall, an expert who will then buy from them a game price.The third driver requires an application called eBay now inviting buyers control elements from a variety of retailers - Finish Line, GNC, Home Depot, Macy's, Office Depot, RadioShack, Target, Toys R Us, and Walgreens - and have them delivered at home, usually less one hour. Currently, this service is only available in San Francisco, but more cities are expected to follow soon.

Pressure for new services like eBay are the face of increased competition from companies like Amazon. The two companies, as well as other rivals have expanded mobility and systems research faster delivery. Despite the competitive threats, eBay has been posting strong growth.Over holidays, the site has seen an increase in spending. Green Monday (a term coined by eBay to describe the second Monday in December), the company has seen its sales of $ 1.275 billion, while the other three days of the season have accounted for more than $ 1 billion in spending line.

eBay pilot programs are being tested in some cities at the moment. However, if they prove successful, they could be extended.
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