Facebook continues down long hours in the United States

Many Facebook users in the United States are apparently difficult to get on the social network.

Twitter is abuzz with comments from users that Facebook does not work for them. And the site is also downforeveryoneorjustme.com report the social network is down. According to The Next Web, users from Texas to New York complained of intermittent access. Many users were not affected by the blackout, though.

Although the site is down for many people, mobile notifications not working, as is the mobile site m.facebook.com.Facebook had breakdowns here and there in recent years. In December, the social network has undergone a DNS issue that caused some people temporarily unable to reach the site. And in October, the company inadvertently caused many users across Europe to bring down the site due to problems with traffic optimization tests.

We do not know exactly what is causing the failure today. Web site monitoring service reports currently downrightnow.com Facebook status as "likely service disruption", and at the time of this writing suggests that the site has had intermittent access to the last three hours.

Updated at 9:25 pm PT with comment from a spokesman for Facebook:

"Earlier today, we had a DNS problem that briefly prevented people who typed in" facebook.com "into their browser to reach the site. Individuals who have visited the site to using a mobile application, typed "www.facebook.com" into their browser, or use a bookmark or a search engine to browse the site have not been affected. We solved the problem quickly and the fix should be fully spread now. Sorry for the inconvenience. "
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