Google Chrome for Android laps with the new beta

Chrome 25 beta for Android adds several features, but perhaps most important is that it does not drag the PC version of the browser almost as much.Google yesterday released the beta version of Chrome 25 Android 4.x for smartphones and tablets, a version number in sync with the version for personal computers. Previously, the only option was the stable version of Chrome for Android, which is still the way back to version 18.

Chrome beta for Android is available on the Google Store Play application, but only by following this link - it is not visible to Play Google search, Google said. The beta version can be installed and run side by side with the stable version.

Google has worked to set Chrome for Android-cycle update six weeks as the PC version of the browser, and it seems that this version is part of this change. Chrome 25 beta brings a number of new features, but Google warns against sluggish performance and other problems.

Among the new features, according to Chrome developer Peter Beverloo:

• A new "automatic resizing text" technical formatting of the text on the screens of mobile devices-, based in part on "inflation policy" work by Mozilla. Sometimes it seems to cause Chrome to view different areas text in font sizes do not match, however.

• Acceleration of hollow use JavaScript performance of a new version of Google's V8.

• A range of developers oriented features such as CSS filters for dynamic visual effects, units of the display for better handling of screen-size and pixel size variations, IndexedDB for storing data offline and other data processing needs and capabilities of layout for more FLEXBOX formatting adaptable ....
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