Google sued by iPhone users in the UK on track Safari

Riding on the heels of the recent U.S. complaint against Google to track Safari, Apple users in the UK have launched their own similar case against the Web giant.

Angered that their online privacy has been violated, about a dozen people pursuing Google in a class, according to The Guardian. The case alleges that Google secretly monitor their Internet habits via cookies in the Safari web browser. The trial revolves around how Google might have avoided the security settings on the Apple iPhone, iPad and desktop versions of Safari.

"This is the first time that Google has been threatened with a group claim privacy in the UK," Dan Tench, a lawyer at Olswang based in London representing the plaintiffs, told the Guardian. "It is particularly worrying how Google bypassed security settings to spy on its users. One thing about Google is that it is so ubiquitous in our lives and if it is then its approach is quite relative. "

The plaintiffs want Google to tell how he used the information it would have on hand, according to The Guardian. In addition, they want to know how their personal data have been taken and over what period of time. They go Google for breach of trust and abuse computer privacy and intrusion and violation of the Act on Data Protection 1998.In November, a U.S. judge decided to fine Google $ 22.5 million in a similar case. In this pursuit, the Federal Trade Commission also stated that the company illegally bypassed Web privacy settings in Safari users. The FTC and Google have reached an agreement in August when the company agreed that "placed a cookie on advertising tracking computers Safari users who have visited sites within the Google ad network DoubleClick."

At this time, Google said it takes privacy very seriously and he did not intentionally default Safari around.

According to The Guardian, the damages in this lawsuit could be in the millions since the UK has 10 million people who use Apple products applicable and could be included as plaintiffs.

CNET contacted Google for comment. We will update the story when we have more information.
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