Intel gets nod to build $ 4 billion plant in Ireland

Intel has the green light to build a factory 4 billion in Ireland, where it will develop the next generation of 14 nanometer processors.

The chip giant has received the OK from the agency Ireland lead planning, according to Ireland-based technology news site Silicon Republic. Done with this approval, the project just need the authorization of the board of directors of Intel to go ahead.

Construction is expected to take two years and could create 3,500 construction jobs and 800 permanent full-time positions. The plant will be located on the campus of Intel in Leixlip, County Kildare, where 4,000 people are already working, Silicon Republic said.

The plant will reach Leixlip sites in Oregon and Arizona, where Intel will make the jump to 14 nanometers 22nm processors current. Beyond 2013, the chipmaker eyeing even smaller scale processors, hoping to move to 10 nm, 7 nm, 5 nm and finally in 2019.The company has received permission to build a factory chips in Ireland could create 4,300 new jobs, says new technology site Silicon Republic.
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