OoVoo application make voice and video calls for BlackBerry 10

With the inauguration of the much awaited BlackBerry 10 finally coming later this week, it is not surprising that we hear a lot of chatter about the planning application developers to bring their work to the new platform. The latest to join the club is ooVoo, Free voice, video and text messaging app that has been available for some time on Android and iOS.

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Although the new BlackBerry 10 OS is widely speculated to come with BlackBerry Messenger video chat able new baked in an app like ooVoo is still extremely valuable. BBM would probably only be good for multimedia communications between BlackBerry users, which could mean a pool very small number of people to chat with others, at least at launch. However, with ooVoo, BlackBerry users have the ability to shoot up to HD quality video and voice calls with friends on different platforms. What is more, the application allows you to connect up to 12 different contacts at once.

To be clear, the availability of ooVoo will probably not be enough to attract users immediately over other mobile platforms. However, given that such an application is available on BlackBerry 10 could make them feel more open to a potential switch while on the road.

According to people ooVoo, ooVoo application for BlackBerry smartphones will be available 10 on the front BlackBerry World later this year.
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