OpenCandy brings Bucks desktop software

LAS VEGAS - If you want to make money on apps, you need to develop for mobile, right? Wrong, says SweetLabs' Chester Ng, highlighting the success of his company with his OpenCandy project to help developers to earn a living.

The problem is both cultural and logistics, Ng said in an interview outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Office software, especially on Windows, has a long history of being developed as freeware. However, present a software purchase secondary user during the installation had been poisoned, he said.

"The problem is that developers do not like monetization Toolbar," said Ng.

To this end, the company OpenCandy SweetLabs developed to create a better experience provides both the user and the developer, he said. "We do not show the same offer several times. If you download a PDF tool, [the user] can see an offer for a productivity application. "

The past year has been a good year for the start of five years, based in San Diego. OpenCandy has reached over 1 billion installs of Windows freeware, and month after month the volume has increased 63 percent in 2012. Payment rates for application developers jumped 70 percent in the same period.

A developer who started using OpenCandy was able to earn enough money payments OpenCandy him he could quit his day job, said Ng.

Ng said the recent success following three changes in the market of software development: Changes to Google AdWords, its policy of repression of a supplier browser on the evolution of search engines and add-ons installed without user authorization, and rumors that Google is about to get much more heavily involved in search engine redirects and shenanigans.

For the latter, Ng refused to explain more to say: "This will change the market in terms of variety and quality. It levels the playing field. "

OpenCandy allows developers to control the offers that encountered by users. They can choose which offers its users to see, whether direct agreements are involved, and make an offer opt-in or opt-out.

OpenCandy used to force opt-in to the developers. "The market just was not ready to argue that" Ng said. "But it's where [developers] head."

A wide range of developers and advertisers have partnered with OpenCandy. The advertiser side, there are players from big names like Microsoft,, Symantec and AVG, but smaller outfits like TuneUp. Better known developers who use OpenCandy include AOL Instant Messenger, WinAmp, and cheatengine favorite gamer.
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