Richer Google notification system now come to Chrome

Google approaches building Google Chrome Now in notifications, marrying early warning system Android, with its browser.

Yesterday, the developers committed a patch with an "initial implementation of notifications now Google."

According to the code, the patch means that "the event page now gets Google Google maps server now and in the form of notifications Chrome. Service shall periodically update Google maps now." emerged in December. Although Android is Google's highest profile project operating system, Google Chrome OS ensure Now is not lagging behind in this important area that connects people with personalized services Google.

Function gets the location of a computer makes a request to a Google server based on location, then displays results notification "cards". This will give Chrome and Chrome OS Apps can show custom alerts on the weather, go ahead and travel, restaurants nearby, and all that Google adds to its technology now

And today, another brick was put in place. Chrome Fran├žois Beaufort watcher spotted the arrival of a "notification center rich" on Windows. Chrome can already display notifications, leaving issue alerts Web applications such as incoming instant messages. but Google is reworking the code in a system into two parts, one part multi-platform and platform-specific element.

Presumably the "rich" aspect, it will be adapted to more graphically developed notifications now Google maps, which can show things like weather symbols ....
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