RIM launch BlackBerry 10: Join us Wednesday (live blog)

Research In Motion has finally officially unveiled its BlackBerry operating system BlackBerry 10 and the first turning on the platform on Wednesday.

The launch event, which comes after years of delays and half-strokes, start at 7 pm PT. CNET Brian Bennett and I'll bring you the news live from New York, while Sarah Tew will capture photos of the event.

You can connect to the live blog here:

      Live coverage of RIM CNET BlackBerrry event on Wednesday 10

There is a lot riding on the success of BlackBerry 10, which represents a platform completely different operating system older BlackBerry. The company is betting that the more advanced software and improved hardware will be convinced of its user base to stick with BlackBerry and lure users tired of other platforms. The company has not been standing still in recent months. Beyond work out the kinks of BlackBerry 10, he obtained the support of developers, drummed up some excitement by carriers, and teased the new hardware.

Thank you to the test units Developer RIM released at the beginning, there were several good looks at the operating system. But this is the first time we get a full look at the hardware level.

RIM is essentially zero with a new platform, and is in competition with another operating system in the phone hunger Microsoft Windows. Android and iOS, meanwhile, turn on both platforms.

As usual, we will use ScribbleLive to bring you live text and photos and give you details piecemeal as they come. We will begin the live blog about 15 minutes before the event officially begins.
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