RIM to livestream BlackBerry 10 launch tomorrow

Those of you who want to catch up tomorrow RIM BlackBerry action 10 may provide a live webcast.

Scheduled to kick off tomorrow at 10 am ET, the event will take place simultaneously in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Jakarta and Delhi. People who can not make the trip to one of these cities can look online page via RIM Newsroom.

The event will take the veil on RIM's new BlackBerry 10 operating system and its first two smartphones BB10. Details of phones, including their availability, will be announced at the event.

Both phones have been dubbed the Z10 and X10 rumored. The Z10 model would be a touch screen, while the X10 is the sport traditional physical keyboard. The Z10 is expected to debut in the first place consumers deeper in the course of February.

Research in Motion has high hopes riding on its new operating system and a telephone. The company has been hit hard by competition from iPhone and Android devices and need a jolt to capture customers and regain some of its lost market share.

But analysts are skeptical about whether RIM will score enough points with BB10.

"RIM continues to face the twin demons of purchasing power of consumer-oriented and a chronic inability to attract consumers in mature markets," Ovum analyst Jan. Dawson said in a blog last month. "There is nothing in what we have seen so far from suggesting that BB10 will conquer the second of these demons, and the first is completely out of control of RIM."
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