Super Bowl XLVII online streaming guide, applications, and more

More than 100 million people are expected to give this year's Super Bowl on Sunday, but what if you do not have TV? No problem.

There are dozens of ways to look at this year's game, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Football fans can also keep up with scores and player statistics by subscribing to specific applications.

Here is the resource guide ksr to watch the Super Bowl XLVII least one television:

Streaming broadcast the entire game start activity with free pre-game at 11 am ET and kickoff scheduled for 6:30 pm ET. Viewers will be able to choose from different camera angles, as well as connect to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent network ksr). also play Bowl live stream any possible charge.


    Verizon subscribers can watch the Super Bowl XLVII directly from their iOS or Android mobile phone using a mobile app NFL, which is free.Apps

    Super Bowl XLVII Guide app is free, but especially for the people watching the match New Orleans Superdome. Its features include a detailed guide to local restaurants, nightlife and events official Super Bowl. It is available on iOS and Android.
    Baltimore Ravens Mobile app is free and available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. It offers real-time news and statistics on demand videos, photo galleries and player interviews. The application also allows users to follow post-game blogs and pre-game previews.
    The San Francisco 49ers Gameday Live app is free and available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Just like the Ravens mobile application is for fans who want news, videos, stats, scores, and audio streams.
    The application Football Game Party is for those who like to go to the Super Bowl festivities. It is a trivia game designed for live game this year. It costs $ 4.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad and the Web. The app has questions like "Is the national anthem last more than 94 seconds?" As revelers answer questions throughout the game, they earn points for correct guess.
    The application TOK Football is for those who do not go to all parts of the Super Bowl, but still want to talk game with friends. This application is free and available on the iPad. TOK Football Voice chat allows users with up to four friends while watching the game. Real-time statistics and game information are also updated the application.
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