Want a fake Facebook girlfriend? Here's how to get a

Some people are just lovable. Or they seem to attract fans that are a short leg of a stable table and cause them such misery they must entrust them to the story.

It would have been in ancient times. They would have gone to a bar with a book and drink quite stupid.

But now there's Facebook, the all-encompassing, always-on deposition of everything that happens to everyone.

So, being a singleton does not look good. It makes you look like the replacement part that nobody wants.

Fortunately, a very attentive group of Brazilians decided to come to the aid of those who now appear naked love on Facebook. They will create a fake Facebook girlfriend for you.

NamoroFake.com said in Portuguese, it can create a soft lover a wink and adoption of $ 39.99. Yes, the price of two lapdances.

Please do not think they impinge on a picture and take your money. Oh, no. Together, they create fake Facebook profile, if it's authentic decorated with beautiful comments and status updates like: "Oh, cutey, you forget Ren and Stimpy, and me too"

You might wonder where these false friends come. Well, ABC News informs me that love site invites women to offer their profiles to virtual grabbing, with the encouragement of a profit share of 50 percent.

This seems eminently fair.

In addition, the site includes the psychology of men. He explains: Sometimes people need to rent a jealous girlfriend to make a fake ex-girlfriend jealous. In truth, we have many customers for this reason. After a breakup, ex-boyfriends want to show they are already with another person feel good. An immediate way to do this is to hire a fake girlfriend to keep appearances.Appearances are often more important in relationships, for example, reality. Of course, you also have benefited from amateurs for which the approval of the family, friends and the pastor were more important than the increased quality of your true love.

I am sure that the creation of this site has nothing to do with events that may or may not have occurred in the life of a Manti Te eo amateur football player (and, perhaps, amateur lover too).

However, designers have tried to think more eventualities love. They even offer a $ 19.99 service that creates a very fine ex-girlfriend for you. This could be useful if you try to convince your next objective love that you are not completely solitary creature you really are pathetic.

Naturally, there will come a time when your Facebook friends will do anything to see a picture of you two together.

Presumably this is when you explain it was not good enough for you because she had a level of empathy mailbox intuitive and extent of a tire bicycle.

And this is the moment you give in to the status of ex-girlfriend and pay another $ 39.99 for another new girlfriend wrong.

In this way, you will never have to pay for a dinner for two again.

It is sad, however, that the service seems to be available only for men.

I have several friends who would love to have a boyfriend fake Facebook to lighten their load as they climb the corporate ladder in search of untold riches and limitless evil
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