Apple Levinson President: I still "miss Steve '

Arthur Levinson, chairman of the board d'Apple, STILL MISSING Steve Jobs.
"I'm still not to the point where I'm walking IN this boardroom and do not miss Steve," Fortune says Levinson IN June interview published today. Saying He continued fait que le President of d'Apple ext not he Taken in 2011 after the death of Steve Jobs, is always sent "weird."
Levinson interest the June figures IN MOST respected the biotechnology industry. Until 2009, IT WAS CEO of Genentech, a company many believe That June, a spear biotechnology industry Integer. Is It NOW president of this company, in addition to Apple.
As with other Eminent Personalities d'Apple, Levinson was talkative on LITTLE plans The Company and Sharing Few choses son of Process in que le Saying ONLY board Verrez Apple Products COMING Between 6 and 18 Luer months before launch. Dans some CAS, the Board may chime in and suggest changes BUT it reconnu That this is not up to "define product specifications." "And finally, the board is casting hire and fire the CEO" One says Levinson.
Pay now, it Seems son CEO, Tim Cook, will be dismissed Pas. He Underlined Apple performance in the Fourth quarter, the company generates a where UN profit of 13.1 million dollars, as "phenomenal." He said aussi queue, if fortune action interest in freefall Apple - It Is in Decline by 32 percent during the six month Last - It Is IN confident his capacity to Forrester strong, Saying it does not itself Soucier of HOW MANY iPhones vendus IN THE UN company quarter.
Apple Levinson Confidence Is that significant book co-founder Steve Wozniak seemed out of session views to the manufacturer of the iPhone. Dans June interview with Bloomberg published today Wozniak said Apple is in danger That reputation Losing more costs as the company In the technology sector.
"Have Nous used to have these ads:" I'm a Mac and I'm not PC ", and the Mac Always a cool summer Le Gars," Wozniak said one. "And ouch, it hurts, Because UNO THIS sort of lose. "...
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