Apple patent application based authentication image

Apple has filed a patent on the use of images to authenticate a Mac or iDevice.

The application, called "Image-Based Authentication," describes a method by which an image of some sort would be displayed on a Mac or iDevice. Apart from this, the options will be displayed asking the user to correctly identify what it is. If they answer correctly, they will be able to access the device concerned. An incorrect answer remains locked.

According to Patently Apple, who was the first to report on the patent application filing Apple includes an image showing the face of a person. Under this image is a list of names. The user must correctly identify that person's face in order to unlock the device.Apple was not the most innovative with unlocking mechanisms. IOS-based devices, for example, the company simply requires users to swipe across the screen to unlock. Password protection is also available in case the device is locked.

Android has a lot of different techniques to release devices, including a large number of slip mechanisms. Android also supports unlocking of the face, but it is different from what Apple has shown in his patent application.

To strengthen its security authentication based on the image a bit, patent application from Apple includes a reference to "several rounds", meaning more than one image will be displayed and must be correctly identified before boarding the device.

That technology will actually make its way to iOS or OS X, however, remains to be seen. Like many other companies, Apple files for a variety of patents. Many of these patents are not all companies offer products.
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