Asia chatter predicts rising cost of Mini iPad Retina

Chatter in Asia is that the total cost of the iPad Mini could increase by nearly a third - so no word on whether it would affect price.

Comment from Digitimes, which is close to the supply chain of components in Asia, said the leap to a Retina display means adding components to display expensive.

      If one adopts the mini iPad Retina display, the dots per inch (dpi) will be higher and the brightness of the backlight modules will improve. This also means that the number of LEDs used will ... [increase the total cost] of more than 30% if it has a 7.9 inch panel Retina.

This comment is similar to what Vinita Jakhanwal, an analyst at IHS iSuppli Display, told CNET in November.

At that time, she said a mini iPad Retina with a design similar to the current Mini would not have been possible. "They should have to compromise on the thickness and weight and price," she said.

But more than three months have elapsed since then. And it is not known if the display technologies such as IGZO or a version of low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) - the latter is used in the iPhone 5 - begin to address some of these challenges display assembly.

If these challenges are met, a mini iPad Retina could maintain its current design and possibly even its price, Jakhanwal said previously.

When Apple introduced the Retina display 9.7 inches in March 2012, it has maintained the same price.

      CNET review Mini iPad

The next Nexus 7, for example, should have a Full HD screen while maintaining the same $ 199 starting.

The 7-inch tablet segment can represent 45 percent to 60 percent of total shipments this year, says Digitimes.
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