BlackBerry taps Trend Micro to scan for malware applications

BlackBerry relies on Trend Micro to help ensure the safety of its third-party applications.

Like other owners App Store, BlackBerry applications already scanned for malware to protect customers from around the BlackBerry. But the company will add Trend Micro Mobile Service Application Reputation protection take this a little further.

Existing and new applications to BlackBerry world presented will be analyzed by Trend Micro cloud-based service hunting malware.

"BlackBerry works with Trend Micro to implement a more robust approach to address the concerns of privacy and security related to third-party applications," Adrian Stone, Director of Security Response BlackBerry and analysis of threats, said yesterday in a statement . "By integrating Trend Micro mobile analytics and advanced detection capabilities with our own internal system of exclusive application analysis, we can provide another layer of protection and insurance for BlackBerry customers." last week BlackBerry BB10 unveiled its mobile operating system and the first two smartphones to run the new operating system.

But the company knows that the applications are essential if it is expected that users gravitate toward mobile devices.

To this end, BlackBerry tried to generate interest among application developers and customers.

The company recently sponsored "Portathon" events aimed at encouraging developers to port their applications to existing BB10. BlackBerry also has lower price levels for its mobile applications and updated BlackBerry World with more movies, music and other content.
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