Buttons "radio" hidden discovered in Apple's iOS 6.1

There is a hint that Apple has something new in the pipeline, and the company seems to have hidden inside the latest version of its iOS software.

Discovered last night in a freshly jailbroken iPad: a set of buttons and code references to "radio", a feature found in iTunes on Mac and PC, but not on the iPad or iPhone. Making things more interesting is another button that suggests you can make purchases via the radio feature, probably from iTunes.

Keys that have been identified by 9to5Mac, referring to the radio of Apple rumor well, a product that allows you to stream music people like they do on the popular Pandora service, but with deep ties to the Apple iTunes library. Rumors that Apple was working on a floated such a service for years, but heated up last year while talks with the advanced labels.

The discovery follows a massive jailbreak of iOS 6.1, the updated system software Apple released last week. A team of developers came up with a tool that allows users to depth system level access to do things like install applications from third-party app stores, change the look and feel of iOS, and add new software features.
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