"Chinese continue hacking us," says the Wall Street Journal owner

Several U.S. media have experienced a massive wave of cyber attacks that were from the Chinese army in recent months. While some newspapers have reported that their networks are now safe, the Wall Street Journal perhaps a victim of the attack line.

The newspaper's owner Rupert Murdoch tweeted today, "Chinese hackers we continue, or were the weekend." Wall Street Journal confirmed last week that it had been the target of cyber attacks in the past months because of its coverage of China. Apparently, hackers infiltrated the computer system through its newspaper Beijing office to monitor the newspaper coverage of the Far East. The news came after the New York Times said he was the victim of a cyber attack four months where pirates have stolen passwords of its employees in order to obtain information on sources and contacts for story on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao . According to the Times, the methods used were similar to those pirates attacks in the past by the Chinese army.

Other media, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg News and the Washington Post also reported cyber-related coverage in China.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defence has denied that the government had nothing to do with hacking spree. "Chinese laws prohibit any action, including hacking damages that Internet security," the ministry told The Times last week. "Accusing the Chinese army to launch cyberattacks without solid evidence is unprofessional and baseless" .

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that it had completed a "recasting network" to increase security. However, if Murdock is correct, hackers have been able to violate the newspaper's computer system.
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