Data from NASA have discovered galaxy is the youngest black hole

Black holes are created supernova explosion destroys a When a massive star. Scientists Have Discovered Dozens of black holes, all of 'em are intended Already formed. So, When scientists recently saw different distorted Remains of a supernova, They knew it something special.

What the scientists believe the infant was They Observed phases of a black hole, or the youngest black hole ever Recorded in the Milky Way galaxy.

Caught on film by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, the "remnant," or W49B, is seen as a vibrant swirl of blues, greens, yellows, pinks and. As seen from Earth, it is about 1,000-years-old and is located Roughly 26.000 light years away. A typical black hole, like SS433, is thought to be Between 17,000 - and 21.000-years-old, as seen from Earth.

"W49B is the first kind of icts to be Discovered in the galaxy," Laura Lopez, who led a study on the remnant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Said in a statement. "It Appears icts relative icts star life ended in a way others do That MOST." Although black holes are invisible, They can be found by watching Their effect on nearby gas and stars. And, not all stars in supernova explosions die That end up as black holes - Often Times They Become neutron stars. However, W49B is not a neutron star, the scientists said.

Apparently, what led to the scientists seeing the supernova's distorted Remains was a rare type of explosion That propelled at breakneck speeds matter along the poles of the dying star. Typically supernova explosions are symmetrical - ejecting matter Equally - Rather than oblong, as was the case with W49B.

"It's a bit circumstantial, goal We have intriguing evidence W49B the supernova aussi created a black hole," Said study co-author Daniel Castro, aussi of MIT. "If That Is The box We have a rare opportunity to study a supernova responsible for Creating a young black hole."...
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