Firefox adapts to Windows 8 touch interface first

Mozilla's browser is contagious to Windows 8.

Firefox Nightly version - the precursor to Aurora, beta and final versions - now supports the tactile without menu interface of Windows 8 formerly known as the Metro, according to a tweet from Mozilla development. Mozilla developer Paul Rouget released several screenshots of the version of Metro early build of Firefox.

Beginning construction includes a number of features metro, including a look at the menu bar without relying instead on the actions triggered by drag in the edges of the screen. This includes access to search engines, downloaded files and the selection tab.

The new browser is the result not only programming, but also a lobbying campaign. To operate with maximum performance, today's browsers should have access to low-level interfaces of the operating system, but third-party software is forbidden to use these interfaces unless run in the old style "desktop" interface.

However, Microsoft was finally convinced to let browsers use the low-level interfaces on Windows 8. This is not the case with Windows RT, however, that Microsoft Internet Explorer has these privileges..
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