Genius model BMW taps Apple for educating customers

BMW takes a page from Apple's book with a new Genius program, according to a new report.

The automaker told Advertising Age in an article published today that it intends to launch its BMW Everywhere engineering program nationwide next year aimed at educating customers without their selling vehicles . The "geniuses" are young people - students may be - will be armed with iPads. They will be able to answer any questions that a person has to vehicles on the showroom floor.

According to BMW, which was inspired by Apple's engineering services, the program will help sellers who need to know everything there is to know on a vehicle, in addition to the financial aspect of the sale. With spirits roaming the showroom, the first wave issues can be resolved without vendors involved. If the customer wants to move on, he or she can do with the model salesperson.BMW a view of the Genius Bar Apple, which provide support to the company's products. However, unlike most efforts of genius from Apple, which are designed to address problems with previously purchased products and educate the community on its devices, geniuses BMW will provide an overview before purchasing.

BMW is far from the only company that has sought to Apple for inspiration. Best Buy, for example, plans to change its store layout to make it more open and focused on products. Best Buy has also set up a "bar" for customers to learn about products sold in the store.

BMW plans to launch its Genius Everywhere national program in 2014. The company will launch a pilot program in the United States later this year.
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