Get a Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote for $ 59.99

Juggling is for circus people, no home theater owners. Yet this is exactly what you do if you have more than one device and, ergo, multiple remotes.

Cheapskate regular readers know I'm a fan of the series Logitech Harmony universal remotes. One of the best models, the 700 has a list price of $ 119.99 (or used to - it was interrupted). Ouch.

For a limited time and while supplies last, TigerDirect via eBay has the refurbished Harmony 700 Universal Remote for $ 59.99 shipped.

Update: Alas, it seems that the offer failed auction. TigerDirect good continues to sell at a price of $ 69.99 shipped, still a very good price.

What is so great about the series Harmony? Thank you for Logitech wizard-driven software, they are much easier to program than most universal remotes. Simply choose your equipment from a huge database and presto, you're good to go. They are also delightfully friendly, with the help of the screen guided in the event that a component does not turn on or change modes or something.

The Harmony 700 features a color LCD screen, a rechargeable battery (not a charging station), and supports up to six devices.

The user reviews on this model an average of four out of five stars in both the Amazon product page.

CNET editor and John P. Falcone gave him four out of five stars in its comprehensive review of the remote control. You can see the First Look video below.

As it is a renovation, the warranty expires after 90 days. (This is a supposition. Though the term is not specified in the eBay listing, TigerDirect lists a 90 day warranty on its own product page for the same remote) For what it's worth, I had the same Harmony One for more than four years, and it is very well hum. If you are still juggle remotes, I think you will find it is $ 60 well spent.

Many Bonus: Another good re: Staples Kindle Fire HD 8.9 "Wi-Fi tablet for $ 269 shipped (plus sales tax, if applicable) This is $ 30 off the regular price, which is a game for the same size Barnes & Noble Nook + HD .. I like it a teensy bit better, but for $ 269 for a 8.9-inch tablet, you win anyway.
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