Go Daddy top sales messages after posting ad model kissing-geek

Apparently, the advertising really works. Well, at least if it contains a nerd geek do with a blonde model.

Web hosting company Go Daddy announced yesterday that it had its largest sales day ever Super Bowl after his infamous announcement broadcast on Sunday. The site has more new customers and overall sales that after one of his other campaigns the Super Bowl.

"Attracting new customers is what advertising is all about," Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving said in a statement. "We have all the time for Super Bowl Sunday sales records mobile manufacturers websites, web hosting and new customers." Consisted of two Go Daddy commercials. Different people had been talking about the next "big idea. "But the ad that drew the most attention model Bar Refaeli showed slowly kiss a geek with curly hair. the point of the ad is to show that Go Daddy is a brand that is both sexy and cheesy.

Not only the trend announcement on Twitter and Google searches, it has received over 4 million views on YouTube before the game even released. Go Daddy commercial also sparked controversy with some saying it was not appropriate, which is exactly what the company wanted.

"Inappropriate? Hear that word, I absolutely knew we were going for a record Super Bowl advertising campaign, "Go Daddy Executive Chairman and Founder Bob Parsons.
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