Google open registration for Google I / O March 13

Google fans will be pleased to know that registration for the 2013 Google I / O conference will be open on Wednesday, March 13th at 07:00 PT.

In December, Google announced that it had moved its annual developer conference a month. The conclave that brings together more than 5000 developers will be held in San Francisco from May 15 to 17 this year. Previous Google I / O took place in June The company has posted the date of registration and details on its website developer and Google+ page dedicated to developers.

Google said it will continue to open registration until the tickets are sold. But on the basis of demand in previous years, the company expects that tickets sell out quickly. The ticket price is $ 900 for general participants and $ 300 for academic participants. Those looking to register must have an account Google+ and Google Wallet is a buyer account.Why Google I / O eg a hot ticket? The Company uses the Google I / O conference as an opportunity to do great ads. In 2012, he unveiled the next version of the Android version Jellybean 4.1. He also debuted Google now Nexus 7 tablet, glass and Google. But new products and ads are only part of the appeal of Google I / O.

Each year, Google also gives away hundreds of dollars worth of equipment for free to all participants, making the entry price of $ 900 a valuable investment for gadget lovers. Last year, Google has distributed the Nexus 7 tablet running the new software Jellybean, the last Samsung Chromebook hardware, and the unfortunate Nexus Q accessory home entertainment.

Course, participants will be eagerly awaiting the announcements and gifts this year, but many are also likely intrigued to see if Google can top the theatrics of defying death last year's jump shot that gave a demonstration live glass Google. During one of the major events, Google co-founder Sergey Brin took the stage and showed a live video of a team of paratroopers jumped from a plane and landing on top of San Francisco Moscone Center. The experiment was broadcast live from the Google Goggles that parachutists were.

Google is silent on ads this year and has not yet said whether stunt planned another surprise. CNET hoping to get press passes again this year to cover all the news. So even if you are not able to get tickets to the show, you will find all the details about new products and other announcements and demonstrations right here.
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