HTC aims to make a good first impression with any metal

Take that, Apple.

HTC believes that it has increased its sole competition - including the iPhone 5 tent - with its latest flagship smartphone. He HTC has an aluminum construction while the company believes will set the phone to share in retail stores.

"It takes premium to the next level," Scott Croyle, the guru of the design of HTC, said in an interview with CNET. "It feels more upscale than anything I felt on the market."

Croyle spoke about the importance of making a good first impression with consumers, something that is becoming critical with all competitors sharpening their HTC regarding the quality of their phones. While HTC can not spend more than Apple and Samsung Electronics commercially, the company can at least try to compete on store shelves. Croyle has not hesitated to compare "solid" A touch of the competition, although he did not name names.

It focuses on the attributes while metal is a direct blow to the iPhone 5, which uses the same aluminum but has a row of top and bottom on the back that is constructed of glass, allowing the antenna to within broadcast and receive signals. HTC Nobody, however, has worked around this by constructing the antenna to the back of the phone metal, allowing a more transparent research.

Technology companies love their buzzwords, and HTC has a process for: zero away from the construction.

"You take the pieces and put them together so you get a perfect fit and we always ended promised," Croyle said.

He also refers to the sensation cheaper plastic other smartphones, probably a reference to Galaxy S3, Samsung Electronics. While the phone was a blockbuster and is universally popular, some have complained about the atmosphere fragile.

HTC has long been used in its phones metal, dating from the legend, which made its first appearance almost exactly three years ago. While the legend was constructed from an aluminum unibody, the rear base "chin" was plastic to allow the antennas to work. HTC is taking the love of aluminum further. Croyle said it takes about 200 minutes to cut and treat the front and back of each phone.

"There are multiple panels, but they feel like a party," he said.

While the back of the phone is part of the antenna, Croyle does not provide reception problems as the iPhone 4, which used the metal frame around the phone's antenna, which causes problems when signal it is held in the wrong direction. Croyle has promised that there would be no "antennagate" with the One.

The design team sat down a year ago and spoke at length with the engineering team to find a concept that works. After the engineering team discussed the idea of ​​using the back itself under the antenna, the teams working on several conceptual models of what would become the One. A Croyle touted as the breakthrough technology.

Croyle hope that the parties will bring better people to take another look at HTC, something consumers do not have a lot of in 2012. Despite getting positive feedback for its own flagship X A phone last year, the company did not sell enough to reverse declining revenues and profits. However, Croyle believes that people will welcome the unique design.

"The smartphone industry peaked in terms of the kind of experience," he said. "The time had come to watch people and how they use their phones, and focus on where we can provide you with innovation."
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