HTC devices detained at the airport in German patent spat

HTC major event today is not enough to forget a problem the company is having with customs officials in Germany.

According to the company, the customs officers at the airport Frankfurt-Hahn shipments rose HTC devices between 4 and February 10 February. Input the result of a pending patent war against HTC leads IPCom company holding the patent license.

Patents Foss was the first to report on the seizures.HTC was struggling on IPCom patent infringement alleged for years. In 2011, IPCom HTC slapped with a cease and desist. Last year, however, HTC has won a landmark ruling against IPCom after a court has found patents IPCom was including in his trial was not valid.

However, HTC and IPCom war continues.

HTC is no stranger to any prohibitions. Last year, tried to stop IPCom HTC devices at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. HTC devices have also occurred after a complaint against Apple's products have generated temporary import ban.

There is currently no word on whether the devices that were seized were released. However, according to Foss Patents, there is no shortage of reports in Germany.

Despite the difficulty, HTC celebrates today it is a great event to announce its new flagship handset.
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