HTC wow with exquisite design, high-end pieces (hands-on)

In a bold attempt to steal the spotlight away from other phone manufacturers ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, HTC announced its HTC flagship One. Unveiled simultaneously at two press conferences to lavish New York and London, is the new HTC is packed with top-notch components and technologies, including some of the latest gear processing governed by Qualcomm can muster. The device is not only technologically advanced, but is lovingly crafted from premium metals too, leaving no doubt that the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones has placed considerable blood, sweat and tears into this handset.
Rectangular, flat and very thin, almost everything is One HTC screen. Its 4.7-inch (1080p) LCD uses what the company calls Solux technology for enhanced image quality and generates 468 pixels per inch (ppi). That said HTC will block one to boast the most impressive visual experience of any phone he has ever created. Since the screen is slightly smaller at the same resolution, the screen had a number of pixels denser than DNA Droid (5-inch, 440 dpi). In fact I can verify that the display One has a lot of impact with vivid colors, wide viewing angles and lots of light. Details also looked very sharp too. Just how far this unit's screen against the best mobile screens from Samsung and Apple, however, remains to be seen.

HTC also makes a big deal all aluminum chassis One, describing it as using a zero gap monocoque design. Indeed, available in shades of black and silver, the handset feels solid, reassuring heft and a smooth skin breathes metal crafts upscale. HTC also took care to emphasize that, although the fine white trim around the silver model that I roughed seems to be plastic, metal is made. In another interesting twist, two speakers (one on each side of the screen) act in unison to provide a more vivid sound experience whether watching movies or listening to music. Coupled to an amplifier board and the technology Beats, HTC has given the name of the system BoomSound rather unfortunate. It reminds me of the kind of cheese brand Philips plaster across his old boombox.

Basic equipment
A flagship smartphone would not be worth its weight in salt if it has not been supported by a crowd of screaming components. You will be happy to know that HTC does not disappoint. Fight inside the heart of this machine is a delight 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor 600, plus factory floor Qualcomm. This is the first device that I know of to officially launch the new silicon. Because of this, I'm sure many smartphone addicts out there will be eager to get their hands on everything gadget.

HTC has also ship in two memory configurations, 32GB stock (internal storage) and a model decked 64GB version. But both devices will feature a full 2GB of RAM.

An integrated battery is 2300 mAh power source of the One, which I admit does not look like much on paper, especially in comparison with the phones battery capacity ultra-high, like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD (3300 mAh). Of course, the HTC Droid DNA passed an 8 long hours and 43 minutes on CNET Labs test video battery drain with a smaller battery 2020 mAh.

To match its high-end pieces, the HTC One has all the power of modern Jelly Bean Android available. Layered on top of Android is yet another version of the HTC Sense user interface. As you might have guessed, this latest version of Sense offers more improvements that you may or may not find useful.

The first is something called the HTC BlinkFeed a main Home screen is composed of panels that display dynamic content from a wide range of briefings, blogs and websites. If you are familiar with the popular news aggregators such as Flipboard and Pulse, you get the idea.

Finished HTC clock widget iconic time, which honored its phones since way back in the days of Windows Mobile. You can always find information for weather and time at the top of the home screen, but displayed in a much more discreet. Prowess camera
HTC continues the focus of the company on the capabilities of the phone's camera. One new combination ImageSense have a system update, new imageCHIP 2 Material with a light sensor redesigned. Called UltraPixel sensor, it is technically capable of capturing a resolution of only 4 million pixels. However, HTC said that the actual size of the sensor is larger pixels and it creates much more detailed.

HTC says that the end result is a camera capable of capturing light 300 percent more camera phones competing. Proof that what they say is in the pudding. I'll have to see first hand how the snaps a picture on the ground. Another interesting aspect is that the camera can record short videos of three seconds, that marked the HTC Zoe (inspired by 19th century machines Zoetrope movie). The idea is for users to take these short clips, similar to Twitter Vines, and share with your friends and family via a special camera mode in the camera app A HTC. Perspective
In the short time I spent in the presence of HTC One, I can say that it is fast, slim and sexy design features. Of course, these words describe a large number of new smartphones. If the phone screen and the camera up to the hype, however, while HTC may have a winner on its hands. I must say that I am concerned BlinkFeed function that can be exciting for beginners Android, but does not seem very useful for smartphones old hands.

I can get the same experience by adding widgets or other Flipboard myself. Worse, HTC representatives I spoke confirmed that there is no way to stop BlinkFeed entirely. While you can push it to the side and use a custom home screen, it will apparently still running in the background. Zoe shooting videos rob me or not since it is a proprietary file format. For example, you must register on the website of HTC Sense first to convert and share clips with Zoe owners of HTC phones do not.

Always eager to one of your own HTC? Expect to send phones in the United States in March and be picked up by T-Mobile, AT & T and Sprint. 32GB and 64GB models cost $ 199.99 and $ 299.99 respectively.
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