JavaScript expert: WebKit, get your bug-ridden house in order

t was a good day for the engine WebKit browser Opera Software, yesterday, when it adopted instead of its internal Presto. Developments but yesterday was also an opportunity for a programmer high-profile JavaScript to house critical WebKit.

"Each new version of Chrome or Safari generates excitement about new features avant-garde, nobody seems to care about the substance that is already (again!) Broken," complained Dave Methvin, president of the foundation and jQuery member of the team that builds basic programming tool widely used Web programming in a blog post.

"JQuery Core has more lines of patches and fixes for WebKit than any other browser. In general this is not a recent regression, but long-standing problems that have not yet been taken into account. "

WebKit is a browser engine originally used in Apple OS X and later iOS and Google Chrome products. It dominates the mobile, but there are variations between versions of Apple, Google and others using the software. Navigator motors are used to treat the programming of web pages written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. jQuery is a widely used package of JavaScript code that allows programmers to leverage pre-written features advanced web and coders own jQuery jQuery works should be safe with all browsers.

Methvin was worried that the arrival of the opera in the world of WebKit means another set of brilliant new features of the new browser without any attention to insects.

"I can not be optimistic without proof that things are really changing," he said.

Instead, it is concerned that the success of WebKit and priorities means that certain aspects of web programming are falling into the dark days when older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer ruled the Web:

    When we started our jQuery 2.0 cleaning to remove IE 6/7/8 hacks, we are hopeful that we would also be able to remove some stubborn stains from bloating needed for very old browsers like Safari 2. But many of those hacks WebKit remain. Even when they have been fixed in the latest Chrome or Safari, older implementations of WebKit as PhantomJS and UIWebView [which used to manage third-party iOS web code] still do not have the patch. We had to put several of them that users have reported problems with the beta. It's starting to feel like Oldie all over again, but with a different set of excuses for why nothing can be fixed.

Methvin is not the only developer Web anxiety loaded. Many others complained frail Opera as an engine supplier alternative navigation.

Opera, the first product based on WebKit, a version of its browser for Android phones at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, ​​Spain, later this month ....
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