Mood lighting to cook by

Dining can be a tricky thing. Finding the right balance of flavors and ingredients can be difficult, but the food is only half the story. Surrounding all the food on the plate is, of course, is the environment. The setting can be something the soft glow of a candlelit dinner in the glare of a midday meal. Or it could be any number of options made ​​against the hood. Yes, it is often overlooked thing above the stove.

The color of the flour decision can now be controlled with the hood Arkea manufactured by European Faber. The striking cover makes a great first impression with its austere, a spherical shape. However, it is when the lights go down low kitchen accessory that really shines. Hidden inside is a series of LED can illuminate the kitchen in the lighting system of your choice.

From red to violet energetic costs (as well as what lies between the two), the hood is designed to make a good impression. He is not afraid to use, however, allows the hood to make sure it can do the job, regardless of the presentation. With operation via remote control, hood can be raised or lowered by pressing a button. In addition to its ability to release the steam and smoke away from the stove, the hood is equipped with four white spots to illuminate the cooking area real. Whatever happens to be on the board, with the combination of the hood style and functionality, it will definitely be a full meal.
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