More photos iPhone 5S alleged leaks online

iPhone 5S rumors continue to rise with a new batch of leaked photos showing would next Apple smartphone.

Images of Chinese website published by the Times of India would be the front and back of a pre-production model of the iPhone 5S. Not surprisingly, the photos show a phone with a design similar to the current iPhone 5.
Last week, the iPhone 5S and 6 have arisen iPhone Apple supplier in China, according to Chinese blog site Sina Tech. Sina Tech user posted second-hand information claiming that the iPhone 5 will look like 5S, while the iPhone 6 should be wider, longer and thinner.

And in December, a French website photos unearthed alleged 5S iPhone from an online forum. These photos also showed an exterior identical to that of the iPhone 5.

At this point, all these little pieces fall firmly in the rumor stage, most notably the leaked photos. But iPhone 5S published this year would naturally be of the same size, shape and design of its predecessor and offers some new features and improvements.

The report of the iPhone 6 this year seems doubtful. But Apple has been hit hard by competition from Android phones in general and Samsung in particular. The company has also lost some of its appeal to Wall Street for fear that his best days are behind him. Apple may just need to turn from his usual pattern of updates and upgrades for devices prove he is still a competitor.
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