Nokia begins work on graphene, the strongest material in the world

Forget diamonds, graphene is now the hardest material in the world. And all kinds of developers most likely want to get their hands on it.

Nokia seems to be a step ahead in this race graphene. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, today announced it has been one of the beneficiaries of a grant of $ 1.35 billion to the EU research and development on the supermaterial Over the next 10 years.

"Nokia is proud to participate in this project, and we have deep roots in the area - we first started working with graphene in 2006 already," Henry Tirri CTO Nokia said in a statement. "Since then, we have learned to identify areas where multiple product can be applied in modern computing environments. We have done a very promising so far, but I believe the greatest innovations have yet to discover. "In addition to being the hardest substance in the world - 300 times stronger than steel - graphene has all sorts of other qualities. It is also the thinnest ever been achieved by man - measuring just one atom thick - and lighter. It is made of a 2D crystal and looks a bit like the scotch, only infinitely thin. Graphene is also transparent, flexible, copper conductor better than.

If Nokia is successful in its development of the material, it will be able to build cell phones that are extremely lightweight, durable and less prone to overheating.

"When we talk of graphene, we have reached a tipping point. We are now the beginning of a revolution graphene," Jani Kivioja, a leader of research at Nokia Research Center, said in the statement. "Before that time, we found a way to make cheap iron that led to the Industrial Revolution Then there was the silicon Now it's time for graphene ..." Here is a video produced by the University of Cambridge on the properties of graphene:...
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