Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn Google internship debut trailer

To their shock and horror, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn realize that by landing an internship at Google, they are in fact "look kind of" Hunger Games "mentally against a bunch of kids for only engineering a handful of jobs. "

This scene is shown in the recently released trailer (see below) for the upcoming film "The Internship". The film features both "Wedding Crashers" stars as they try to do in the world of high-tech Google trainees. The only problem is that they are "so old" and are not exactly gifted technology.

The trailer shows the two friends as they try to make sense Contest Rubik's Cube, a see-through dry erase wall, and how to "debug code" on the campus famous Google.

According to The Sun, Google has been very supportive of the use of its campus and facilities for the film. "We are delighted that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson chose the Google campus as a backdrop for their first film together since Wedding Crashers," says Google The Sun. "We're sure they have a humorous take on life in Silicon Valley and we look forward to see the result."

"The course" is one of many technologies focused on the world of movies to adorn the big screen in the past two years. Aaron Sorkin "The Social Network" showed the inner world of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs on two films are in the works. It was called "employment" is interpreted by Ashton Kutcher and the other is produced by Aaron Sorkin based on the bestseller by Walter Isaacson called "Steve Jobs."
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