Playfish co-founder Segerstrale leaves EA to return to start

Playfish Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Digital at Electronic Arts Segerstrale Kristian moves.

TechCrunch published an internal memo sent by EA CEO John Riccitiello yesterday announcing the departure of Segerstrale. In the letter, Riccitiello said the co-founder of Playfish has "decided to return to the world of start-up where we first met."

Segerstrale confirmed the news on his Twitter feed yesterday, but refused to say where he might be headed.

Segerstrale was one of the founders of Playfish, the social EA game developer acquired in 2009 for $ 400 million. He remained at EA, helping the company develop its digital strategy and offer original digital delivery of business platform.

Now that Segerstrale came out, EA has decided to put the company under the direction of digital COO Peter Moore. With Digital now under his direction, Moore is responsible for all revenue-generating EA - physical and digital goods - worldwide.
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