Street View catches torque throes of passion. Or is it?

Sometimes passion than just you.

It goes 110 mph in the outside lane and suddenly what you want to do is take your lover in your arms and your feelings as fully and openly as possible.

Maybe that's what happened to a couple in the dressing room of the store Krakatoa extreme sports in Briancon, France.

What is strange is that they seemed to have left their underwear adorning their ankles because it was a sign of incomplete abandon.What a little more strange is that this scene is now shown on Google Street View.

When the inveigled me Daily Dot affection in this scene, I found myself skeptical.

Originally posted on Reddit, the action felt strangely calm, as if a director had said two players reluctant than a sex scene was inserted into a screenplay at the last minute.

It seems staged a button.

Indeed, who would not want to imagine that these two are somehow, in fact, a couple of Krakatoa employees who have slipped into the locker room to make a very effective piece of advertising for their store?

Who would not suspect that Google Street View and photographer looking for a little arrangement?

You turn around the store, it is clear that there is no one else there, no shopping desperate to take part in all its hidden delights.

On the other hand, we must admit that it is possible to be so excited about shopping for skate shoes that we experience total sensory overload.
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