Super Bowl behind the scenes preparation: Tech is the No. 1 priority

It's always a treat to watch NFL coverage on Thurs incomparable CBS team, which is the best in the business. And safeguard our amazing group of analysts and experts in front of the camera is a crew of CBS Sports production and technical advantages in the wings.

Their # 1 priority is to provide the perfect angle for each piece, as well as sophisticated replays, zoom and hyper-diffusion detail that viewers have come to love. Production logistics and technical complexity associated with the Super Bowl broadcast are amazing. This year, CBS Sports will have 62 cameras covering the game at the Superdome, with dozens of cameras replay. When you are able to capture virtually all details of the action, the hard part is choosing angles and replays wisely and ensuring that it does not interfere with the distribution. In the mixture will 4K cameras that allow superb zooming and CBS sky cam, which slides over the field on a cable, capturing all. Orchestrating and synchronizing all the associated equipment - including switches, audio consoles, graphics packages speed, bridges servers HD cam, and a whole bunch of cable - is a major undertaking. Beyonce is not the only rehearsal before Sunday - there were production rehearsals every day this week to prepare.

I am in awe of the process and all my colleagues of CBS Sports that make the magic happen. The countdown has started, then follow me on Twitter and stay tuned!
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