Tomb Raider: The icon reborn

Nathan Drake before there was Lara Croft.

Nearly 17 years after developer Core Design dropped Lara Croft in her first grave of suites and a parade of major films have generated, solidifying Tomb Raider franchise as one of the most iconic video games of all time.

After the first six games, the team at Crystal Dynamics took over the Tomb Raider franchise and is responsible for three other titles in the adventure series. Lara Croft had seen most of the world and explored the deepest dungeons, but where did it go from there? I met the director of Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher for an in depth look at the new Tomb Raider and discuss the game four years evolution. He explained that one of the main thrusts behind the Tomb Raider reboot was to give Lara Croft shading appropriate. Veterans of the franchise Lara may know very well, but the story of his ascent of the rugged adventurer amateur explorer has never been told in great detail.

The new Tomb Raider that succeed. Lara never before seemed so human and compassionate. This new adventure resets the counter to zero and correctly allows the player to watch Lara came of age, due to heroin tempered loved one who has captured the imagination of countless players. Watch Lara go through the trauma she endures is sure to bite your own personal emotions, placing the new Tomb Raider on a short list of titles that can connect to such a level. These moments work so well because the challenges of Lara are experienced, not told. The game explains that it is through his actions. At first, she was afraid. In fact, killing a deer for survival seems that this is the worst thing she ever had to do.

But when you restart the franchise has derailed some players that originally fell in love with all these years, the new Tomb Raider is somehow able to preserve some elements of classic games of the series while expanding in the modern era. He grabbed the "you're on your own" tone than the original did so well, even if there is a little hand-holding along the way. Let's face it, games are not as difficult as they were. I remember playing Tomb Raider on the time and expense of PCs in a room with absolutely no idea where to look and what to do. Times have changed and Crystal Dynamics has found common ground which should please the old and new school fans like Tomb Raider.

Play as Lara is very satisfying. The controls are responsive and ultratight. The use of the bow and arrow adds a stealth mechanic gambling a variety of firearms are available for down the biggest threats. There is a lot of diversity in the game and buried a handful of moments that you have begged to go back and start over.

Tomb Raider is an undeniable proof that graphics have reached their cruising speed on the current generation of hardware. This game looks absolutely amazing. Environments emerge amazing attention to detail, while some of the effects of light and flares create frames of total adoration. I do not remember ever stopping to take a picture smartphone game before, but I did when playing Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider is what a great action-adventure game should be, and its values ​​of high-end production separate from the rest of the pack. But I really respect a game that is arranged in a logical manner and encourages the player to explore. Of course, XP is not something new in a game, but Tomb Raider rewards you for going out of your way to find hidden items scattered throughout each area.

Where some titles may well have these side missions unlock concept art and other XP that can be used to upgrade weapons and abilities of Lara. Some sites even contain tombs that act as mini-levels to complete, award more XP. Found an interesting article? The scrutinize and unlock a secret that will compensate more XP. The whole experience is complemented by a menu system which provides beautifully styled carefully your percentages of success in all that is possible in the game. There is not much that the team from Crystal Dynamics did not nail the new Tomb Raider. You may encounter some frustrating moments where you think Lara should be able to jump, but can not, and from the beginning, there are some strange rules about how Lara can light a torch.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Tomb Raider is probably not the right way to introduce a younger player of the series. Lara Croft is as you've never seen before. It is littered with graphic and heartbreaking moments of agony and triumph. Although undoubtedly a fantastic experience, this reboot of Tomb Raider is not for all ages.

CNET Verdict: A must play

Tomb Raider embodies the genre of action-adventure game offers hours and hours of fun and pure crude. It is action packed, expertly paced, and sometimes makes games like Uncharted feel tired. There is also a decent amount of replay value packed inside, as the side missions fantastic collection seen in games like Batman: Arkham City.
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