Twitter gives a rating of NC-17 vine after the controversy porn

 After a dustup on pornography appear on the vine, belonging Twitter sharing application videos added an age limit for adult content possible.

Application for iPhone and iPod Touch, which allows anyone to create and share clips six seconds, quickly became a popular venue for pornography after its release last month. Twitter responded by trying to make it harder for users to find adult videos, blocking a number of search terms porn-related, such as "# porno."

The microblogging site initially added another early warning videos in question that the user will get around to see the clip. As first noted by The Verge, Twitter has released a new version today that users must confirm that they are at least 17 ​​years previous version is described for users 12 years and older. The application captured the spotlight when a controversial pornographic video was briefly Vine "Editor Pick" list, raising again the question of whether the application video clip-sharing has a problem porn.

However, the confirmation screen will pop-up on version 1.0.5 seems little more to prevent access to questionable content than previous moves, children under 17 with adult supervision can easily bypass lack direct this new obstacle to install the application.

TRENDS KSR has contacted Twitter for comment on the new movement and will update this report when we learn more.

The update follows similar moves by Tumblr and 500px, the last of which was briefly removed from the Apple App Store probably due to its ability to share photos, which could allow users to search and find naked bodies.
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