Twitter launches its advertising API

Twitter today unveiled its advertising API, a step he hopes will make it easier for businesses to create advertising campaigns on Twitter, and aims to show users the most relevant tweets promoted. Since its inception, one of the criticisms about the business model of Twitter is that it has not been constructed to generate significant revenues - and certainly not enough to reward investors who have paid hundreds of millions of dollars therein. But in recent years, there has been enhancing its advertising business, and it is now considered an advertising platform in good faith for a variety of businesses.

The company has been building this platform, add things like Twitter Maps, and a whole lot richer content - photos, videos, abstracts, and more - than it did when it was just a mechanism to 140 characters of text delivery. All this is designed, in part at least, to give advertisers a better medium to create rich messages. Indeed, some of the moves he made were all about improving incomes. As used today on Twitter, "Our rewards system for good marketing, not to be noisy. And this approach encourages the ads that are engaged, relevant and useful."

API with advertising, marketing will "soon be able to work with our first series of Ads API partners to manage advertising campaigns Twitter - and integrate them into your existing advertising strategies cross-channel," the company said in a blog post blog.

As part of the announcement, Twitter also unveiled the first set of partners who have tested the API last month: Adobe, Hootsuite, Salesforce, Shift, and TBG Digital. Twitter has said it is now accepting applications from companies interested to be part of the next round to use the AP
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